Common Uses of CBD Oil for Dogs

Common Uses of CBD Oil for Dogs

The love between humans and dogs is something beautiful. The honest feelings this magnificent animal has for its owner are the purest form of love that any human can get. You can best respond to this genuine emotion by providing your four-legged friend with attention and quality living conditions, which includes taking care of their health, among other things.

Compared to people, dogs have an extremely high threshold of pain tolerance. They will rarely show that something is wrong. That is why the owners need to interpret the behavior of their pets correctly so that they can help them in time.

Certain conditions require immediate intervention by a veterinarian. At the same time, for some ‘milder’ symptoms of the disease, you can use natural CBD oil-based products (as petcbdcommunity suggests, with mandatory consultation with a vet).

CBD Is the Not the Replacement for Conventional Treatments

What all pet owners should know is that CBD oil is not a conventional drug. That is, the pharmacy has not yet commercialized it as the standard treatment for a wide range of diseases. Nor veterinary medicine did that.

But cannabidiol is becoming an integral part of therapies for specific health conditions in dogs, as it has proven to be very effective in treating some acute conditions, such as pain and inflammation. The relief cannabidiol brings is almost instantaneous, and this compound would significantly accelerate the effect of the medications.

But this is not enough evidence for hemp-based preparations to become a substitute for conventional drugs. Therefore, it is best to give them to dogs as a supplement (when your pup is healthy), or as an adjunct to therapy prescribed by a veterinarian.

CBD Helps with Inflammations

Infections are a common health disorder in dogs. They can occur as an accompanying symptom of a disease or manifest externally (inflammation of the ear or anal glands). Conditions such as joint inflammation are less prevalent in younger dogs, while larger breeds are more prone to degenerative ailments.

Arthritis is a destructive, inflammatory process in the joints that reduces the dog’s ability to move, and it causes chronic pain. The sooner it is discovered, the higher the chance of relieving the symptoms that diminish the quality of life of your four-legged friend. It is best to start prevention promptly, especially if you have a large dog.

CBD, with its anti-inflammatory effect, can alleviate pain in animals suffering from osteoarthritis and is best applied directly to a painful site or sublingual. Then the pup feels relief after an hour. If you choose to use CBD treats for your pup or to ingest CBD oil in food, the action time will be longer due to the digestion process.

On the link below, find more information on relieving dog’s arthritis:

Uses of CBD Oil for DogsCalming Your Pet with CBD

Dogs do not like changes, and sometimes react violently to them. When the owners go out or when your pet has to get in the car, or when another pet comes into the house – these are all situations that bounce out of a dog’s routine. That is why the occurrence of anxiety behavior is common in pups that show too much affection to their owners or territory.

CBD has a calming effect, but not in the sense that it will make your pet high. This compound has neuroprotective properties that can be used to treat neurodegenerative disorders, but also for preventing panic attacks, nausea, aggressive behavior, schizophrenia (fear of abandonment), etc.

By administering a CBD drop directly into the animal’s mouth before you get out of the house, or before you put the pup in a car, you will have a calming effect. This method is recommended because of the fastest action of cannabidiol.

Reducing Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Statistics show that almost 80% of dogs in the old age suffer from some cancer. Unfortunately, without timely response and diagnosis, this disease is most often discovered late. If the vet detects cancer in your pup on time, the cure rate is high, and your pet’s quality of life is undisturbed. Why regular vet checkups are a must, see on this page.

However, the good news is that the use of hemp-based products has shown positive results even in animals in the terminal phase of cancer. The owners testify that the dogs had improved appetite and were in a better mood, suggesting that cannabidiol brings pain relief and reduce side effects caused by surgery (if the tumor is removed) and chemotherapy.

CBD oil is the choice of many pet owners because of the number of side effects and the percentage of contraindications. These are generally much smaller than traditional medicines. And if CBD products are marked as ‘organic’ and contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, these are a real deal.