The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets with Anxiety

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets with Anxiety

Is your pet acting strangely every time you about to leave the house? Has it suddenly transformed into a surprisingly lethargic creature? Then, it’s absolutely likely to be manifesting signs of anxiety that range from passive to destructive behavior, depending on the type of nervousness.

Fortunately, CBD oil has proven to be an incredible stress reliever in animals, capable of making your pet vigorous again. These are the benefits of using CBD oil in the treatment of this condition.

Types of anxiety

Numerous reasons can cause anxiety in animals, some of which are rather obvious while others are almost impossible to detect. Anyhow, the most frequently suffer from separation anxiety, which is triggered every time their owner leaves the house. Their nervous behavior comes from the fear of being abandoned, which may be related to a similar abandoning experience in the past. Your pet will usually manifest its stress by destroying your furniture.

Shelter anxiety is closely related to the previous one, as it originates from the period that your canine or feline companion might have spent in a shelter. The traumas from shelter life are the reason for your pet’s present uneasiness which soon evolves into separation anxiety, worried that it might be left alone again.

In addition, your dog or cat’s nervousness is also likely to result from a health problem. It’s actually one of the ways of manifesting their illness. For instance, canines and felines may act nervously when suffering from diabetes or gradually losing their vision and hearing ability. In some cases, twitchiness is caused by a more severe medical condition, such as hypothyroidism and encephalitis. Read more about the symptoms and causes of encephalitis, otherwise known as brain inflammation, in dogs.

CBD Oil for Pets with AnxietySymptoms

Both canines and felines tend to manifest almost identical anxiety symptoms, such as alternating their urinating habits by choosing random wetting spots in the house. Also, they reduce their appetite and physical activity, thus becoming surprisingly lethargic.

When faced with potential fear, dogs and cats start trembling, hiding, or struggling to escape from the room. Moreover, licking becomes a constant habit, particularly for cats, spending their time on obsessive grooming.

Although most of the symptoms are associated with a calm behavior, pets are likely to demonstrate aggressiveness in the case of separation anxiety. Once you leave the house, your pet is likely to become destructive by destroying your furniture and other belongings. It’s also common for your fluffy friend to keep barking or meowing until you return home. 

The role of CBD oil    

In case the medications prescribed by the veterinarian brought no improvement in your companion’s behavior, then consider purchasing CBD oil. By affecting the serotonin receptors in animals’ brains, CBD oil is capable of reducing stress and depression. Through stimulation of the happiness hormone, your pet is likely to restore its vigor and energy.

Furthermore, CBD is known for stimulating appetite, thus enabling your companion to restore its eating habits. In those cases when nervousness is provoked by pain, this oil can influence the pain receptors by reducing pain intensity.

Make sure you purchase CBD oil from reputable vendors, such as holista pet, whose products contain no amount of THC. You’re also supposed to administer the right dosage in accordance with the gravity of the condition and the animal’s weight. The best way is to use the CBD tincture form, but you could also use it in the form of capsules or treats.


CBD oil can genuinely get your dog or cat back on its feet.

Give it a try!