What the Studies Say About Using CBD for Headache Relief

What the Studies Say About Using CBD for Headache Relief

CBD has been gaining significant attention for its reported health benefits, in particular, its potential as a natural pain reliever. Pain due to headaches can be debilitating, especially for those people suffering from intense migraine headaches. But can CBD be used to alleviate headache pain? Learn more about what current research has to say about using CBD for headache relief.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

The precise cause of migraine headaches is unknown, but it is speculated that it is at least partially due to abnormal brain activity that causes neurons to misfire, disrupting hormonal regulation and affecting blood vessels in the brain. CBD has a direct impact on the endocannabinoid system that regulates brain and hormonal function to achieve homeostasis which suggests that high-quality organic CBD products such as Canzon CBD oil may be used as an alternative therapy for treating headaches.

Studies on CBD and Headaches

While specific formal studies on the effect of CBD on headaches does not currently exist, many studies suggest that CBD may be effective for alleviating inflammation and other painful conditions that may be applicable for headache pain.

CBD May Inhibit Pain Perception

Studies into the role of CBD and pain perception suggest that CBD interacts with receptors throughout the endocannabinoid system to regulate nociceptive thresholds (how well the body tolerates pain) and work synergistically with other systems responsible for pain perception such as the endogenous opioid system. This suggests that CBD may be able to reduce the intensity of headaches or prevent the relay of pain messages to the brain.

CBD May Enhance Current Treatments for Headaches

A study published in the journal, Molecules, found that CBD derived from cannabis was able to enhance the effect of the patient’s medication for treating chronic pain and inflammation. Migraine headaches are considered a chronic pain condition and are typically difficult to treat; this study show potential for CBD to be used as a complementary treatment for migraine headaches.

CBD May Reduce Tension Headaches

Studies into CBD have shown that CBD acts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system to inhibit the production of anandamide which controls mood and pain sensation which can help to induce feelings of calm and alleviate pain. This potentially can be applied to reducing pain due to tension headaches.

Topical CBD May Target Headaches Due to Neck Pain

Neck pain due to muscular stiffness and ligament strain can radiate toward the head. One study published in the European Journal of Pain showed that the topical application of CBD alleviated symptoms of pain and inflammation in rats with induced arthritis. This has potential applications for treating headaches due to inflammatory neck pain.

How to Use CBD Oil to Treat Headaches

To use CBD oil for treating headaches, you can take it orally via a tincture or use CBD vape oil and inhale the compound. Research by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the United States suggests that vaping CBD oil delivers the compound to your bloodstream faster than oral treatments so you can receive the analgesic benefits quicker.

When shopping for CBD products to alleviate headache pain, look for organic, third-party tested products like Canzon CBD balm and oils. And when beginning to use CBD for pain relief, a good rule of thumb is to start and the lowest potency and slowly increase the dose to find the correct dosage for your body.

Final Thoughts

For migraine headache sufferers, finding relief can present a considerable challenge as the exact cause of migraines is still largely unknown. However, studies on the effect of CBD on neurological pain suggest that it may have positive applications for migraine relief. If you or someone you know, suffer from migraines, consult with your healthcare practitioner about how Canzon CBD oil can help to alleviate the pain associated with headaches.