The ins and outs of a marijuana dispensary

The ins and outs of a marijuana dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries exist most because federal law disallows marijuana from being sold at pharmacies. So, what exactly is a marijuana dispensary? This is a place or a store where you can visit and purchase any kind of cannabis product. The first known marijuana dispensary in the U.S is the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club that was started its operations in 1922.

Nowadays, there are medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries depending on which country or state you reside. More than half the states in the U.S now boast of having medical marijuana dispensaries.

Without wasting time, we will try to examine the difference between the two, as well as any other relevant information concerning marijuana dispensaries.

Medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are intended to offer patients, a convenient and secure place to purchase medical cannabis and get information related to it. Usually, they are taxed and regulated differently compared to recreational marijuana dispensaries, and thus, prices of marijuana may differ between the two. A medical marijuana dispensary’s interior design quite looks like a doctor’s office as opposed to a normal storefront.

What you need to know prior to visiting a medical marijuana dispensary

  • You must have a medical cannabis certification, doctor’s recommendation and/or whatever relevant documentation is required by your local authorities.
  • You should be 18 years or older to qualify for medical marijuana but in some states, exceptions may be made for minors with debilitating conditions.
  • Usually, you will leave your details with the marijuana dispensary you have visited. This is to keep your certification or recommendation on file for regulatory and legal purposes.
  • There will be a reception area in the dispensary when you walk in. This is to regulate the flow of patients; however, a simple dividing partition can also give visitors privacy and chance to candidly discuss their issue one-on-one with the bud tender.
  • Sometimes, your purchases are monitored by medical marijuana dispensaries. This process is very helpful. It helps the patients and budtenders to track the medicine’s effectiveness as well as have an accurate record of procedures for future follow-up and reference.
  • Medicinal dispensaries normally allow you to examine and smell the cannabis before making a purchase. This may, however, vary from state to state.

Recreational marijuana dispensary

A recreational cannabis dispensary allows anyone of 21 years of age and above to buy cannabis products legally. Actually, depending on the state you come from, the supply of recreational and medical could be nearly identical or completely different. The good thing about recreational dispensaries is that you do not need a marijuana recommendation or certification to purchase anything.

What you need to know prior to visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary

Recreational marijuana dispensaries require fewer preconditions compared to medical one; however, there is much to know prior to visiting these legal marijuana storefronts:

  • You must have 21 years and above before visiting a recreational outlet.
  • Carry your valid and unexpired identification card.
  • Many recreational outlets have menus to peruse while queuing. Menus can be structured in different ways; however, usually by product type (e.g. concentrate, topical, edible, flower, etc.).
  • There are friendly budtenders on the recreational and medical dispensaries, although, a recreational outlet budtender does not devote much time to each client like the majority of medical budtenders would do. Do not get it wrong and this does not mean a recreational budtender won’t give honest recommendations; instead, recreational shops are grab-and-go outlets generally designed for convenience and accessibility.

All said and done…

By entering into a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary, you and the state are simply, trusting each other. Basically, you are convinced that the lawmakers are monitoring the cannabis industry justly and enacting laws to protect public health. On the other hand, the state trusts you to use and enjoy the cannabis products responsibly.

The way you carry yourself in the public while using marijuana will largely help define the perception that people have of this young and sensitive industry. The best practices when it comes to using marijuana; be it for medical or recreational purposes, is to observe sense, discretion, and respect.