Marijuana in Hawaii

Medical marijuana has shown tremendous appreciation from more than hundreds of doctors and medical professionals. Following the fame and popularity of medical uses of this drug, the laws and regulations of the Hawaii state in the United States, has also made its use of medical marijuana legal.

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana was first adopted as a legally safe medical drug in 2000. A large number of public voted for its regularization after which the uses of marijuana in medical field were taken into consideration. The medical staff was numbed to see the new researches, aching joints, seizures and spasms in muscles. Moreover, apart from these, even diseases like HIV, AIDS, Cancer and Hepatitis C require the use of marijuana.

How marijuana works

As marijuana is taken either orally or in the form of inhaling, the effects start to show as earliest as 3 to 4 days. It psychologically helps in reducing pain and physically helps in alleviating swelling, nausea, seizures and contractions. The receptors in the brain do not respond to the pains at the same level and thus the swelling, pain, anxiety, stress and even anger are reduced.

Legal use of marijuana as passed in the bill by Hawaii

The patients are prescribed 4 ounces of marijuana once the patient receives prescription from a doctor or caregiver holding the license. The cultivation is also allowed by the state for people over 21 years of age, to grow not more than 7 plants. Marijuana is allowed to be consumed in any form other than seed, stems or roots.


In the state of Hawaii, the uses of medical marijuana have skyrocketed during the past decade. Many doctors are prescribing to their patients due to the side effects, which have been found to be almost nil. As a study conducted in December of the year 2015, 5000 patients were legalized to use marijuana as a part of their medication, that year. Most patients were found to be between 55-65 years of age, being chronic pains and contractions as their average reason. Out of those, 32% were female patients whereas 62% were found to be males.

Decriminalizing of Medical Marijuana

Use of marijuana in public places such as workplaces, educational institutes and even social gatherings is prohibited. The dispensaries have gained licenses of selling marijuana however; any retailer not possessing a license is prohibited from dealing in marijuana for medical purposes and is considered violating the laws of the state. According to a study conducted in a university in Hawaii, in the 2014, 57 % of people believed that Marijuana is safe for use as a drug and should be legalized like alcohol.

The medical uses of marijuana have really brought about a change in the mental perspectives of people who instead of taking marijuana as a taboo are now accepting it as a medication for a wide range of medical conditions. Looking at the modern researches and mindset of young doctors, marijuana has gained importance of a widely used and trusted medicinal drug.

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