9 Women that we really have to admire in the Pot Industry today

9 Women that we really have to admire in the Pot Industry today

While we know it is not easy to get success in the highly regulated marijuana industry. To grow in the emerging market of this pot industry, there are different types of restrictions and difficulties we have to face to sell our products to the customers. The outcome is an industry with a different set of entrepreneurs, including a significant dependent on women. Data is not easy to come by, but anecdotal proofs recommend that it is much more comprehensive than the various other start-up industries. Some lady entrepreneurs who are involved in the pot industry are working to create top-tier products, end restriction, spearhead ground-breaking research, advocate the change and shape the field for the improvement. Percentage of women in cannabis or pot industry is growing day by day; their involvement in the sector is more than 25% now.

Here in this writing, we are describing it is topical producing or 9 fierce women entrepreneurs paving the way to greatness:

Alison Holcomb

Alison served as the Criminal Justice Director for Washington State, the Drug Policy Director, and in case of Initiative 502, she was responsible for drafting the original legislation. She had done a lot in the pot industry in Washington as she was implemental in getting legalization to Washington. She has made the entire pot industry proud.

Sue Sisley

Suzanne Sisley is known for her broad research work on the imperative medicinal uses of cannabis. Her full name is Suzanne Sisley and she had worked as the clinical professor at the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine. She is a psychiatrist and in 2014 she received $8 million grant fund for here deep research on cannabis to treat PTSD. The National Institute on Drug Abuse approved her research. Her research and approval from National Institute are enough to describe her success in the pot industry.

Toni Savage Fox

Toni Savage Fox is a brand name in the pot industry. She established a centre of 3D Cannabis with the desire to assure reliable and safe access points to quality cannabis. Her 3D Cannabis Centre became a landmark during Colorado’s recreational opening when it turned into the primary retail shop to make a legitimate sale of recreational cannabis. Fox was also a founding member of the Women’s Marijuana Movement, a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and keeps on crusading for the cannabis legalization.

Ah Warner

Ah Warner is the founder, owner and operator of Cannabis Basics, it is a topical producing organization based out of Washington State. Cannabis Basics is completely driven by a women staff. Her company was also awarded for cannabis-infused products. We trust to soon get her products dot the racks beyond dispensaries.

Jane West

When it is a discussion about women in the pot industry, then the list cannot be completed without the name Jane West. She is the founder of the largest expert network in pot industry and the name of her foundation is Women Grow. She showed higher resilience, grace and strength under fire while working with CNBC. She vaporized cannabis on CNBC and was randomly terminated from her job. She is one of the most popular names in the pot industry.

Betty Aldworth

She worked as the Advocacy Director for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana in 2012 and it was her advising and efforts that bring legal marijuana in the Centennial State. She continued and joined as Deputy Director National Cannabis Industry Association, where she developed different types of educational programs. She is now working as the Executive Director to monitor sensible drug policy for students, where she is shaping the national discussion on drug issues and associated policies.

Ophelia Chong

She felt to change the thinking for cannabis industry and put this task to do by herself. She launched the first stock photo agency named as StockPotImages.com to specialize in pot-industry related photographs, and any individual who has perused the photographs accessible can recognize that it is a significant asset. Her photographs are convincing and removing the old stereotypes that are responsible to take this industry back.

Amanda Reiman

She is working as the Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance and her work has affected significant strategic changes across the country. She started her trip into cannabis working as the Director of Research and Patient Services for the Berkeley Patient Group. Amanda has led various researches on cannabis, along with the use of cannabis in order to treat addiction.

Wanda James

She is a worldwide ganja-preneur. She is one of the most important and a big name in the pot industry. For the development, regulation and sustainable growth of cannabis industry, she has launched the Cannabis Global Initiative. She has served with the regulatory process in the U.S., now taking her expertise to the island of Jamaica.