Are Glass Screens for your Bong Worth It?

Are Glass Screens for your Bong Worth It?

Pondering switching from metal screens to glass ones? Are the glass ones really superior to others?  Here is what you need to know first!

We all love smoking from a bong (well at least I do), but have you ever noticed that metal screens are incredibly ill suited for slide bowls? I’m sure you have. Metal screens are great for glass smoking pipes because the bowl is wide and flat. Most slide bowls are narrower, and funnel shaped. Because of the way the bowls are shaped, metal screens are typically too wide and easily pop out of place, sometimes causing you to lose your partially smoked bowl, or even worse, suck in all that tar and ash. Using metal screens with glass bongs or water pipes was a huge inconvenience, but we put up with it because it was better than sucking in ash and/or your partially smoked bowl. Then came the glass screen. That was when I said good bye to the metal screen forever (or so I thought).

Why Use a Glass Screen?

The glass daisy screen is a glass screen shaped a bit like a flower with a long stem that fits snugly into your bong’s slide bowl. It performs the same task as the standard metal screen, but it does a much more satisfactory job, at least in my opinion. Glass screens have a number of advantages over the metal screen.

The most prodigious issue most people have with brass or steel mesh screens is that they shift around in the bowl unless you get them bent at just the right angle. Glass pipe screens on the other hand, fit tightly into or on top of the hole of your glass slide bowl and stay in place for the duration of their use. Some types of screens fit so well you have to pry them out when you’re cleaning your bowl. The reason why is because they were made to correspond with the size of your bowl’s joint. When you go to ash the bowl, you won’t have to worry about losing your screen.

Mesh screens have a tendency to clog and get dirty fairly quickly, especially if you are a frequent user. When this happens, you can say sayonara to that smoother smoke you were enjoying. Once holes start forming in the mesh you’ll begin sucking in ash and partially smoked cannabis, thus completely ruining your smoking experience. Glass screens on the other hand, are easy to clean and reuse. All you need to do is soak them in bong cleaner or a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt water for a few hours. Then you’ll find yourself enjoying smoother hits in no time.

For the true cannabis connoisseur, we highly recommend that you try seamine screens. Seamine screens are made from the same high quality borosilicate glass most straight tubes and beaker bongs are made from, and as such are virtually indestructible. These screens fit in your slide in such a way that they filter smoke and prevent ash from getting sucked into your inline perc. The only thing they don’t do is cool the smoke for you, hence why you should consider bongs for sale which have a good water filtration. Seamine screens are made in sizes specific to standard joint sizes, like daisy screens, but do not have the same issue with getting stuck in your bowl when they get too resinated.

Another thing to consider is taste, or rather aftertaste. One of my least favorite ways to consume cannabis is smoking it in a metal pipe. The flavor is completely unpalatable to me and just about ravages the aroma of the strain I happen to be smoking. The same can be said for metal screens, especially when they are filthy. What is magnificent about glass screens is that you can get a feel for the real flavor of your cannabis.

Some Drawbacks of Glass Screens

There are some drawbacks to using glass screens, however. If you use one that is just a tad too small for your bowl, you risk losing it each time you go to empty the bowl. Then you’ve lost your screen and already need to replace it. Buying screens that are too minuscule can lead to constant replacing and spending more money than necessary. You’re in even more of a conundrum if your screen gets sucked in and winds up getting stuck in your bowl, or even worse, your bong.

Are Glass Screens Worth it?

Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not you think switching to glass screens is worth your time. If you do decide to leave behind metal screens for the duration of your smoking adventures, it would behoove you to invest your funds and buy the higher quality glass screens. Seamine screens would be my initial recommendation; they will last you an indefinite amount of time and the cost is more than reasonable for the frugal smoker.

For the cannabis connoisseur with more discriminating tastes, it is highly encouraged that you look into purchasing the higher end glass screens, such as the type made by German high end glass producers Roor. These screens will last you an eternity and beyond.

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What are your thoughts? Are glass screens for your bong worth it? Tell us in the comments!