CBD edibles: why would you opt for this method to consume CBD?

CBD edibles: why would you opt for this method to consume CBD?

You may have heard about edibles, such as cookies and brownies, but are you also aware that a range of CBD-infused edibles are easily available nowadays? Unlike the typical cannabis edibles, CBD edibles do not intoxicate, as they do not contain THC (the psychoactive compound present in hemp). Consumers of CBD edibles use them mostly for therapeutic and medicinal reasons.

In this post, we will explore why someone would consider a CBD edible over topical, or any other consumption method. Also, we will get to lay out the popular types of CBD edibles there are in the market today. There’s plenty of them to choose at https://soothelife.com

Popular CBD edibles available today

CBD edibles are nutritional supplements prepared by extracting the active chemical compounds found in the hemp plant by heating it on butter or oil. After extraction, the compounds are then cooked or infused into a variety of edibles. The most common forms of CBD edibles include capsules, tinctures, gummies, and bars.

 CBD gummies

Not only are they rich in CBD, but these candies bring-back fond memoirs of your childhood.  As opposed to a quick fix dose, gummies guarantee an incessant release of CBD over time. Meaning, these kinds of edibles have an ongoing lasting effect and are ideal for individuals who dislike capsules or other forms of consumption. Above all, gummies come in a variety of colors, shapes, and flavors including lime, watermelon, peach-mango, etc.

CBD capsules  

Capsules are dietary supplements that are made from essential oils and chemicals present in cannabis plants. They offer the same therapeutic benefits as the CBD oil and present you with minimized risk of overdosage. More so, CBD capsules allow the consumers to avoid the dangers and ailments associated with smoking; case in point, respiratory disorders.

CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures are medical solutions usually prepared by dissolving cannabis in alcohol.  These solutions are packed in bottles fitted with droppers and contain about 10-25 percent of the CBD content. The CBD concentration of CBD in tinctures is quite high when compared to other edibles. Meaning, a few drops of the medical solution can quickly elevate your mood.

CBD bars

CBD chocolate bars are, perhaps the most popular edibles not only because they are tasty, but also because of their remedial benefits. Notably, chocolate and CBD combination is an ideal choice for patients since the chocolate bars contain Anandamide – a neurotransmitter present in human brain.  Additionally, chocolate contains elements that hold back the breakdown of cannabinoids, thus prolonging the impact of CBD bars on the body.

Benefits of CBD edibles

  1. CDB edibles offer long-lasting relief – In a CBD edible, the active chemicals or compounds are blended with other foodstuffs. Meaning, the CBD is released bit by bit over long periods of time while food is being digested.
  2. CBD edibles are easy to make – Different CBD extractions can easily be added to baked and cooked foods for an extra antioxidant boost.
  3. Less risk of lung irritation – Some vapor pens contain thinning agents such as polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Some studies suggest these agents may produce harmful carcinogens when subjected to very high temperatures. While it is likely to get vapor pens which do not contain these toxic additives, CBD edibles are a superb way to avoid inhaling noxious compounds, since they are only consumed together with your typical dish.
  4. Allows for greater plant synergy – Hemp is not the only curative plant out there. When preparing CBD edibles at home, incorporating other nutritious herbs like lavender to your dishes, may help modulate the impact of the cannabinoid.
  5. They are easily available online – While the regulations on CBD are relatively fuzzy, various manufacturers sell CBD online and ship all over the US.
  6. Easy to dose – Many purchased CBD edibles arrive with pre-dosed rations, allowing you to gauge how much CBD you have ingested or how much you must take to realize the desired levels.
  7. CBD edibles are discreet – Those needing a focus boost during the workday or needing some pain relief during a long flight will be grateful for the fact that, they can simply enjoy a CBD gummy and get back to business as usual.
  8. CBD edibles present innumerable medical benefits – CBD edibles are great therapeutic supplements for those with ailments such as joint pains, headaches, inflammation, stimulating feel good moods, nausea, PTSD, anxiety disorder, insomnia and many others.

Remember, edibles have the same therapeutic benefits just like other CBD consumption methods. However, in regards to treating stomach disorders and other intestinal related issues, soothe™ CBD gummies are the way to go.