How is CBD good for your pets? Everything you may need to know

How is CBD good for your pets? Everything you may need to know

If you are familiar with the term CBD or cannabidiol, you must be aware of the life-saving changes this miracle worker brings. Turns out, CBD’s amazing effects can be extended to your beloved family member also i.e. your pets. When you hear that CBD products for pets are available in the market then naturally because of the love for your beloved pet questions comes up in your mind like: Is it safe? And should I be giving my dog CBD? Well, don’t let these questions stop you from making your pet’s life better, because it is completely safe and you will thank yourself for making your pet well again by giving him CBD.

CBD which has brought about a huge positive change in the lives of people suffering from modern day’s unexplained diseases has been seen to produce similar positive impacts when administered in animals for their various ailments. We recommend you to try the products from

Edward Bassingthwaighte an Australian veterinarian had the fortune to see two of his pets in dire situations restored to good health with the help of CBD oil. Here are the two cases:

  • A 6 cm sized mammary tumor and the spread of the cancer was completely gone in 3 months of time with the use of CBD oil in an old Staffordshire Terrier without relapse.
  • A Jack Russell Terrier suffering from painful arthritis and severe heart murmur was completely healthy in just a month’s time. On top of that, it was a heartwarming experience to see him wanting to enjoy his long walks again.

This amazing impact of CBD enjoyed by your pet is the outcome of them also having the endocannabinoid system. If you are unaware of what endocannabinoid system is, then you should know that endocannabinoid system has a role of maintaining homeostasis in the body and is the system which is responsible for upregulating and downregulating the workings of bodily functions like mood, sleep, appetite, immune system, metabolism, and reproduction through CBD like substances. When endocannabinoid system is functioning properly all these bodily functions are also well maintained and the body remains healthy. Problems arise when it dysfunctions. All mammals or maybe all vertebrates do have this endocannabinoid system which is why can also be given to your pets.

Reasons why you may give CBD oil to pets:

  • CBD oil will not get your pets high because though CBD is extracted from cannabis and hemp it is not the psychoactive ingredient which gives marijuana users the high. CBD can deliver the benefits of relaxation without getting your pet intoxicated.
  • It has been found to reduce anxiety. Therefore, can be used to treat separation anxiety and noise phobias.
  • CBD has been found to help fight cancer through its properties which inhibits cancer cell growth as well as promotes fast death of tumor cells. It has also shown to complement cancer treatment by increasing the efficiency of traditional cancer treatments.
  • This miracle compound has shown positive effects in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. Even pets suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy showed significant improvement in only a short period of 4 to 5 months.
  • Promotes healthy joints, healthy cardiovascular health, as well as neurological and emotional well being.
  • Alleviates pain. Thus, helping in pain management.
  • Provides an array of essential nutrients namely, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Moreover also helps to meet the dietary requirement of vitamin B12, A, E and C.
  • It is well tolerated in mammals and is non-toxic

Some information regarding CBD oil use in pets

  • CBD oil must be given to your pet according to his size. The dosage of the CBD should be reduced if the pet size is small. Best idea is to start giving a 2500MG CBD Tincture from the minimal dosage and then slowly building up the strength as time goes.
  • Give CBD products which are especially designed for animals.
  • CBD products may be used on dogs, cats, horses as well as some other pets.
  • Only shop for organic CBD because other CBD oil may contain harmful chemicals like pesticides and fungicides.
  • Do not be very price conscious in case of purchasing CBD because higher purity possessing CBD oil comes with a higher price tag. But it is worth it because it ensures that the product has a fair quantity of CBD and is also free of additives.
  • It is best to buy CBD in the tincture form since it is easy to adjust the dosage.