Is Your Current Way Of Taking CBD No Longer Working For You?

Is Your Current Way Of Taking CBD No Longer Working For You?

Have you ever considered changing the way you take your CBD but have no idea which one to choose?  This article has got your back. We will discuss the 5 alternative routes to take CBD.

Everyone has different tastes. Some prefer sweet food while others enjoy it spicy. A few people may be a dog person while others would rather sacrifice their lives to their dark lord pet kittens.

Young adults usually intake CBD for preventative measures, extremely ill or epileptic children utilize CBD for their condition while your very own grandparents might just be getting on board. Whatever the reasons, you have a lot to choose from in terms of methods of ingestion.

Analyzing the demographics, you will notice that the need for CBD is not just for stoners but even for both young and old people regardless of gender. This might have made it harder for you to decide which faction should you join in where your preferences and expectations can both be met. Worry not, damsel or prince or whatever you identify as—in distress, here is the list of ideal strategies you need.


Yes! Those small, soft capsules (Oops, now don’t squeeze them too hard!)  that look like they have liquid inside of them! They are easy to ingest and require little to no caution on how to take them. I remember drinking one of these before. Trust me, they’re easier to swallow than most tablets or pills. Just make sure what you bought is legitimately made by a medical company rather than some underground factory. You wouldn’t want icky, oily, and unsanitized human fingers on your meds now, would you?

Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids or the elderly. Capsules can be taken by EVERYONE. It doesn’t have a bitter taste if it stays too long in your kid’s tongue nor does it make your grouchy grandpa say, “I hate drinking those.”

If you still think that gel capsules aren’t for you, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world—er, article just yet! We have other methods below.

Green Roads World is the premier manufacturer of CBD capsules, which are perfect for people who want to take revolutionary CBD in a traditional manner. Furthermore, by using supercritical CO2 extraction, they ensure that absolutely NO THC ever ends up in their products, so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test or feeling foggy the next day. Green Roads’ 25 mg CBD capsules are effective and easy to take, making them the perfect CBD supplement for health-conscious stoners.

2.) Sublingual Tinctures

This is by far the most traditional way to take CBD into your body. It is very easy and effective for its users. Tinctures contain raw hemp oil which has the cannabinoids that your body needs. However, this one requires maintenance and careful usage. Ysou’re going to have to be very careful in choosing where you buy your tinctures.

Others do not use sanitary methods to extract the oil, nor do they use pure hemp. You have to be very alert in where you can get the best for your body. Also, check the label! Does it contain alcoholic solvents like Ethanol? Go organic! Make sure it has Hempseed Oil or MCT. If you don’t like bland Tinctures, buying one with flavouring never hurt anyone. Just make sure you buy ones that are organic—even their flavouring ingredients should be organic.

Anyone can take Tinctures. It can be taken on the go daily or before you go to bed. It annihilates body pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc… This is a great pair for topical lotions!

3.) Topical Salves/Creams

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ back massage when your body hurts?

This is by far one of the most enjoyable methods. You can try asking someone else to apply and rub the topical lotion on your skin, especially on areas where you feel pain or have rashes the most. The only catch this method has is that you need to pair this along with either gel capsules or tinctures, since topicals only provide temporary relief. If you want something that’s longer lasting, try adding another method. Pair and experiment to see which suits you best. Having both an external and internal strategy helps.

However, even if you use topical lotions or salves alone, you can feel that it really does have a result on your body. 99% of its users agree that it’s very efficient and concentrated on its effects. Topicals works best for people who often experience body pains, but not limited to skeletal disorders or muscle disorders. Users can depend on topicals for their daily physical aches, stiff necks,  arthritis, old people body pain, etc.

4.) Dab, dab, dab!

No, not the dab pose that teenagers do! Put your arms down.

For dabbers, smokers, vapers and 4/20 blazers this is going to be great news.

Grab your vaping pens, it’s time to inhale that warm, summer breeze.

Dabs contain pure, concentrated extracts such as IsoTerp Shatter, wax and your friendly neighbourhood CBD Isolate! Unlike the previous 3 methods, dabs aren’t enjoyed by everybody. Some people enjoy using dabs while others don’t even know how or where to start using them. For vapers, it’s easier because you can use your favorite concentrate vape pen that has an atomizer effect like the G-pen, Dr. Dabber, or whatever floats your boat. Personally, I like using RDA.

But it doesn’t stop there! There are numerous ways to do it, hence, making this by far the most versatile method of mixing it with CBD Isolate. Most users prefer it simple, while others like to get creative and fancy. It doesn’t matter so long as you get your need of CBD. Just make sure you have an idea on how to use this method so you don’t end up wasting or spoiling ingredients or money.

5.) Vaping

Wait up, vapers!

Dabbing isn’t the only method of option available for you. We have another one. Take a guess, it’s vaping! (Yay! Not that it’s anything new though)

Vaping is somewhat similar to tinctures. However, it is safer than most juices since it has carrier oils that are safe to inhale.

Avoid buying vape oils that contain ingredients that can become toxic once heated, like MCT. MCT is safe on its own but definitely not when exposed to heat. Try looking for trusted shops that sell juices with carrier oils.

If you’re a vaper who still intakes nicotine juices or if you’re one of those vape connoisseurs, try to see if CBD oils/vaping works for you. You won’t regret it. Not only does it taste or smell better, but it definitely keeps your lungs healthy and kicking for another year or two. Instead of barbecuing your lungs with poison, you get to save them without sacrificing your vice of vaping.