How to deal with dealers and be a pro when it comes to buying weed

How to deal with dealers and be a pro when it comes to buying weed

With the tips below you will be able to get into the marijuana-filled world, and you will be able to get the good stuff. So don’t be shy, and be cool about it.

If you are new in the world of marijuana, or the town that you are in is new, or that you have moved to places that have the recreational of marijuana. If you are in any of this situations, or something that is not mentioned and you are in need of the paws, then your lucky. Here is the art that you can use to buy weed. You’re welcome.

Finding the hookup

Be real, and there are so many ways to buy the weed. So don’t limit to only one, and keep some in the back pocket so that you will not run out. One of the best ways that you will be able to find weed is to talk to people. If you are around smokers, then don’t shy off, be straightforward and ask them for a hookup. If it’s a new city and it’s somehow weird to speak about the subject. The way that you can bring up the subject is to ask if they have tried the weed, or just mention that you have, and observe how they react. Honestly, the chances are that the friend that you have even though they don’t smoke weed, they know someone who does. Another decent place that you can ask about a bub is the smoke shops. One thing that you should be careful is that you should not be weird about it, especially if you are not alone at the shop. Be secretive, and if they tell you to leave just go. The chances are that they will give you the number.

There are other online services that someone can use the Craigslist don’t even think about using them. Don’t act naïve and go out to buy the drug and not the internet. Scouring at the dark like a newbie for you to be flagged or arrested is not fun at all.

You have found someone for Marijuana Now What?

Okay, so you have managed to find someone to buy. Nice work. Here are tips that will help you move forward. Call the dealer, be respectful about it and inform him or her how you got the number so that they will not suspect you of being the cop. Don’t push them because they have a life out of selling weed. Once you are ready with the cash, make sure you are respectful. Get there on time and have the all the money. De secretive and be nice, also know what you’re talking about.

Get your shit

When you have arranged the hookup, know what exactly you want. Before the day of the purchase, talk about the price. Mostly when newbies buy the weed, they will pay $20/gram for even the bad staffs. Don’t be a victim of the same. Dealers if they sense that you are new when it comes to the world of marijuana they will try to scam you. So make sure that you know your lingo. There are so many resources that you can use online that will be able to tell you the cost of marijuana in any city. So make use of them.

A bargain is important because it’s so normal, so don’t be afraid to do it. Dealers will be so interested in new customers, and they will be so interested in making the purchase. If you are good with your lingo and you know what you want, what to pay and the weight, many dealers will be so interested in working with you, if they don’t, then ditch them. So many dealers would be interested in giving you the business.

Buying weed

Few rules need to be followed when you get to meet the new dealer. The first thing to do is show up. Ditching the dealer on the first time its compared with ditching a fiancé who already is at the altar. Just don’t, if you do the bridge will be burned forever. Because any smart dealer will not waste his or her time again with you if you don’t show up.

If you have a scale carry it will help you will seem like you know what you are doing. Also, it’s a great way that you be able to build trust with the dealer, and the buying relationship will be built. A legit dealer will want you to weigh the product, especially if it’s the first time purchasing from them.

Does weed suck?

It will happen more often. What usually happens is that you will get a dealer, you will be excited and jump for the gun purchase that will not be entirely not that up to par. But it will happen to most of us. The news is that most of the dealers out there will work in hand with you. If you tell them that you are interested in something that will be stronger, then they will get you exactly that. If they get offended, then they are not right for you so get a new dealer.

With the above tips, you will be able to get into the world of marijuana quickly, and you will be able to get new staff. One point to carry is that you should not be shy or weird. Respect and communicate with the dealer so that you will get to enjoy the best deal.