A First in France: CBD Coffee Shops

A First in France: CBD Coffee Shops

Selling products that contain hemp and weed are legal in France, along as the THC content is lower than 0.2%.

France is very tough when it comes to weed legislation, compared to other members of the European Union. Despite this, it has exceedingly high consumption rates for weed in Europe, with over sixty seven million individuals using cannabis. Due to the rising demands, establishments in France have found a loophole to the law, so that they can provide weed for their clientele.

Coffee shops all over France have hemp and weed products in stock. But if you are looking for THC, you definitely will not find any. This is because the shops only sell products that contain cannabidiol or CBD.

The Latest in Paris: Coffee Shops with CBD Galore

Who knew that the city of love and lights could also be the city of CBD! In Paris’s eleventh administrative district, you can find CofyShop. This is one of the coffee shops springing up that offer products with CBD to customers.

They sell a variety of products, like herbs, topicals, edibles, vape juice, syrups and tinctures. All of these contain a very minimal percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, making them safe to sell and possess. This is the psychoactive component of marijuana which gives people the high we all know and love. You can buy full spectrum CBD from different places, the THC levels of the products at CofyShop are so low that you won’t be feeling euphoria. This is because the products are manufactured from CBD and hemp.

This can be a bit confusing for people who are visiting these CBD coffee shops for the first time, expecting that they would get high. They end up visiting the shops out of curiosity thinking they could get even a little stoned. The most they can get from the CBD products is a feeling of relaxation, because CBD is non-psychoactive unlike THC.

Despite not being able to get you high, CBD has medicinal effects so that people can use it therapeutically. It has properties that are good against anxiety, allowing you to relax. It can be even used as a treatment to lessen inflammation, combat cancer, lessen seizures and ease neurological illnesses. Clinical studies conducted by those in the medical field support anecdotes from users who prove that CBD is effective as a cure for various diseases and disorders.

Some of France’s laws on weed has loosened, which explains why CBD products have become more available in the country. Another factor could be how more and more people are learning how CBD is actually legal.

The Legality of CBD According to the Health Minister of France

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, gave Agnes Buzyn an appointment in May 2017. It was for the position of Minister of Solidarity and Health. Later that year, in the month of November, Buzyn stated that products derived from hemp and cannabis containing CBD instead of THC were legal.

The debate on medical marijuana, which Buzyn has full support for, has been re-opened. Buzyn wants public access to be expanded. Medical marijuana was legalized in France back in the year 2013, but it was a very restrictive program which prevented most people from accessing it.

Buzyn clarified the legalities of CBD for it to be consumed by the public. Firstly, the THC levels in the products should be less than 0.2%. Secondly, retailers and producers cannot advertise the medical benefits of these products.

Local law enforcement and governing bodies are monitoring the activities of CBD coffee shops. This is to make sure they are abiding the conditions, and that they are not selling any products that are deemed illegal.

Products containing CBD are becoming more and more popular in France. Some have criticized it, others have supported it. Mostly, public opinion is that these products containing CBD are just like those that have THC, with lower strengths.

People who are against marijuana believe that CBD products will serve as a gateway drug that will have people craving for THC. On the other hand, people who support it are happy that they can now purchase high quality CBD.

The CBD products sold by the CBD coffee shops in France are imported from nearby Switzerland. These shops sell these products for roughly 15 American dollars for every gram.