First-rate and aboveboard marijuana dispensaries in the United States

First-rate and aboveboard marijuana dispensaries in the United States

First-rate and aboveboard marijuana dispensaries in the United States


Way back in 2015 Americans spent more than $5 billion on sanctioned recreational and medical marijuana. The selling and buying did not happen in back alleys but in brick-and-mortar dispensaries, boutiques, and shops peppered around the country.


Marijuana items sold on these shops ranged from cannabis-laden foods, smoking paraphernalia, and various smoking varieties. All transactions are always legal and aboveboard.


The District of Columbia and twenty-five other states now have laws in place allowing the buying and selling of both medical and recreational marijuana. Other states are set to follow the trend to legalize the sale of medical and recreational marijuana.


The lifting of the stigma towards marijuana has encouraged the sprouting of dispensaries around the nation. Yet, like pharmacies, there are good ones and there are excellent ones.


Here’s a list culled from what seems to be the finest dispensaries in states that have lifted the marijuana ban:


Swell Farmacy in Youngtown, Arizona

Prepare to have an instant education on the uses and benefits of medical marijuana as you enter the place. The shop assistants are called “budtenders” and they are all proud of it. Members of the military, retired or active are offered discounts. It is their way of supporting PTSD or post-traumatic stress syndrome which is claimed to be alleviated by medical marijuana.


California Herbal Remedies in Los Angeles, California

Psychoactive recreational marijuana strains and more than 70 strains of medical marijuana are sold in this dispensary. You wouldn’t miss it since it’s just next door to a Mexican restaurant.


Caliva in San Jose, California

The standard is high in this dispensary of natural wood paneling and stone floors. Serving the customers is serious business even when the staff looks calm and relaxed.


Lightshade-Havana in Aurora, Colorado

Some of the strongest kinds of cannabis strains are sold in this shop since its inception in 2011. It’s because the buds are directly sourced from their own spanking modern marijuana growing facilities.


World of Weed in Tacoma, Washington

If you see it, you can buy it here at World of Weed. All products are proudly displayed in glass cases and questions are always gets a smiling answer. If you don’t want to be seen, you can always park at the back of the building.


Kind Dispensary in Lansing, Michigan

There’s five years experience under the belt for this dispensary where the ambiance is warm and hospitable. The staff is always ready to assist patients looking for their kind of medical marijuana strain. Every Saturday is “Shatterday” with the shop offering big discounts on wax and shatter products.


Nectar – West Portland Park in Portland, Oregon

The shop lives to its slogan of from “clone to client” in the various marijuana strains they sell. It is one of the biggest chains of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state with a guarantee of knowing where the strains come from. The suppliers are always subjected by the shop to have routine lab testing for their products.


Essence Cannabis Dispensary – Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip will lock your sight into Essence Cannabis Dispensary. Great service to their customers is important for them to match the high quality of their products. An on-site nurse is there to answer all questions you may have about the product you want to purchase.


Ballpark Holistic Dispensary in Denver, Colorado

All recreational and medical marijuana users will find the one they need in this shop. One of their specialty strains is the Denver Maple that garnered a recognition award in 2014 as one of the finest strains of Indica. There are 18 flower strains to select and choose from the shop.


Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata, California

There is 17 years experience tucked under the belt of this dispensary located in the center of the Emerald Triangle. This is one of the historical dispensaries that started their business right after California allowed and approved the use and sale of medical marijuana.


White Mountain Health Center in Sun City, Arizona

The fierce opposition did not faze the owner from opening the dispensary way back in 2015. Nowadays, customers are delighted with the pot-theme of the shop as well as the collection display of antiquated pharmaceutical paraphernalia.


Purple Star MD in San Francisco, California

Their sole mission is to heal. The dispensary, found in the center of the Mission District offers amazing deals such as buy-one-get-one vaporizer cartridges, flower strains, shatter, and wax.


The Jazz Club in Detroit, Michigan

The whole community welcomed the Jazz Club when it opened way back in 2015. Everything is personalized service with the staff knowing the first names of every patient that walks through their door. The dispensary goes one step further by holding monthly raffles as a way of saying “thank you”.


Infinite Wellness Center – Fort Collins in Fort Collins, Colorado

The biggest flower selection is all here which has earned the trust of connoisseurs and newcomers alike. All their buds use hydroponics and grown in-house. The quality of their more than 35 strains are so good customers come back for more.


House of Dank in Detroit, Michigan

Medical marijuana has been permitted to be sold in Michigan since 2008. Yet, the black market for their sale continues to proliferate in Detroit, Michigan. One of the infamous places in the state is 8 Mile Road. House of Dank dared to become unconventional by putting their address on this road. This provided patients safe entry every time they buy the medical marijuana they need. Referring another patient to the dispensary automatically earns a gram of weed free to a member.


Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose, California

Fitness buffs will find the dispensary an empathetic place to purchase their medical marijuana products. The dispensary is fashioned like a boutique with staff that goes out of their way to make every transaction as stress-free as possible.


In closing

The road these dispensaries travel is bold, new, and ground-breaking. It’s a case of many are interested but only a few dared. These pioneers of cannabis business have overcome the odds and stigma of selling either medical or recreational marijuana. Kudos to these pioneers and may their tribe increase.