How To Tell If An Online Smoke Shop Is Trustworthy

How To Tell If An Online Smoke Shop Is Trustworthy

Buying bongs, vapes and smoke accessories from an online headshop is convenient no matter what your location is or what state you live in. An online headshop offers a large selection and you can discover major brands and smaller glass artists without stepping out of the home. The online headshop option is also more discreet than going to a physical location. In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of online retailers selling bongs, vapes, and smoke accessories. But not all online headshops are made the same. In this article we examine the attributes of a quality, trustworthy online smoke shop.

Check For Signs Of Credibility

The first thing you should do is check their web site.  Does it look like it took some money to build or is it generic looking? Does the site have a page that details the online smoke shop’s story and goes into some details of the people that run it? Do they have multiple images for each product and accurate descriptions? Quality smoke shops are run by real human beings. If the evidence is scant move on until you find one that seems trustworthy. Check on the products and brands they sell. Established and credible headshops offer a wide range of categories and products..

Read Their Policies & Ensure They Are PCI Compliant

The quality smoke shops will have clearly articulated shipping, return and privacy policies. Always go through the feedback and the ratings of the website. Make sure the online headshop offers hassle-free returns and discreet shipping and billing. Also, be certain that they have PCI compliance so that you can be sure they are NOT holding your personal information and credit card details. 

Make Sure The Prices Are Not Too Low

Another thing to be careful of is the counterfeit bongs, vapes and accessories. If the price for a brand you know of seems too cheap to be true, use caution. It may be fake. Legitimate sellers of glass and vapes spend time and effort on quality control and will only sell authentic bongs and vapes made by companies with some presence in the United States.

Reach Out To Their Customer Service Team

Another way you can find about the online headshop is to reach out to their customer service team. The quality smoke shops will have an email and phone number for customer service, and this information will be easy to find on their web site. Try sending them a mail and check the response rate. If you get a response quickly and it sounds like a real human being there is a good chance they credible and trustworthy. Sites with great customer service are likely to be able to provide you with real answers and they will take care of problems if they do arise.

Take A Look At Their Social Media Presence

Check their social media. Do they post with regularity or does the social media seem to be out of date? Read the comments and the types of responses the online headshops have received. See how they interact with people. A quality online smoke shop will have very up to date Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts, and they will be active in dealing with customers on these platforms.