Origin of Mamba Negra Autoflowering

Origin of Mamba Negra Autoflowering

One of the cannabis varieties that stand out for being used both by growers who are starting out in this world and by experts is the Mamba Negra Autoflowering

The origin of its speed, power, delicious taste, high yield, resistance to stress and production comes from many years of work doing crossings between plants, evaluating their response to various climatic conditions, obtaining positive results in extreme temperatures (0 ºC or 50 ºC).

The Mamba Negra autoflowering cannabis seeds have high indica dominance, from the crossing of the classic Mamba Negra and the Tangie auto. Both have a predominant taste and are resinous, powerful and quite productive. The main idea of the crossing was to improve the organoleptic qualities of the traditional one by increasing its potency and resistance.

After many tests, this autoflowering strain was obtained which stands out for being ideal for cannabis extractions and its ease of growing. It also contains 0.6% of CBD and between 8 – 18% of THC. It can be grown in different environments (outdoor or indoor), in an average period of 70 to 80 days since they germinate. The buds of the plants can be seen covered with resin. Outdoors, the harvest can last a few days longer, but a better yield will be obtained (40 to 250 grams per plant) and a larger size. Besides, its flowering starts earlier indoors.

At the end of this period, a high production plant will be found, with an intense aroma and sweet fruity taste that will awaken all your senses due to its powerful effect, which has led it to be one of the most popular strains of non photodependent varieties.

Effects of the Mamba Negra Autoflowering

Given its indica predominance with high resin production, the Mamba Negra Autoflowering has relaxing effects that will be enhanced with its consumption. It also has a therapeutic use (insomnia problems) due to its low psychoactivity

The Mamba Negra Autoflowering psychoactive effect will depend on its maturation point. You can spend a short time of disconnection and relaxation.

So, if you want to grow one of its cannabis strains, you can opt for the Mamba Negra Autoflowering, which has a high production, with relaxing effects, as well as an intense taste and smell.