Portable Vaporizers Start Up Guide

Portable Vaporizers Start Up Guide

Although vaporizers have been around for quite some time, there is an ever increasing variety in the market which is available for potential consumers. Since vaporizers were developed and introduced to the industry in 1993, the advancement of the design, and functionality of this technology has turned this field into a multi-billion dollar business worldwide.

In the article below, we will discuss the distinction between portable vaporizers versus vape pens. The ideal portable vaporizer is discreet, efficient and should offer you clouds as big as you want.

Difference between Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers

Strangely, all vape pens are technically considered portable vaporizers, but not all portable vaporizers are classic vape pens. The main distinguishing feature is vape pens, well, look like pens. Generally, vape pens are slightly thicker than a pen, as they compact a whole bunch of gadgets within to turn your oil or flower into vapor.

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, tend to produce far better quality vapor as they are larger, have better build, and offer more precision in temperature control. Due to their bigger size, they can fit larger batteries and therefore go for longer sessions as well.

Portable vaporizers are compact and can fit nicely into the palm of your hand, and are qualified as handheld devices. Portable vaporizers come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are often also disguised as travel mugs or asthma inhalers, and therefore offer an on the move, stealth vaping experience.

Heating methods

Typically portable vaporizers use conduction or convection as heating methods to vaporize the herb or concentrate. Both of these methods have their benefits and should be explored in detail, with a concentration on the differences between conduction versus convection.

Conduction: involves heating by direct contact with the heat source.

Convection: process by which material is vaporized by indirect contact with hot air that is warmed from the heating element.

Most modern vaporizers use conduction heating methods because it allows for a precise heating control and through the touch of a button, you can adjust the temperature for your materials requirements. The advantage of heating using conduction is that you avoid combustion and this is the one of the main reasons for vaping. Convection heating also serves to eliminate combustion, and it tends to be favored as the superior method of heating since it allows for conservation of the herb.

With the advancement of technology, both methods of heating have their place and it is generally up to personal preference to select a method which suits you. However, convection heating methods are an ideal pick for dry herb vaping as they tend to provide you with better potency, flavor, aroma and smoothness. Whereas, conduction may lead to a less soft and cloudy, tasty vapor. Vape pens have a hard time matching the quality vapor produced from a standard portable vaporizer.

Portable Vaporizers offer many additional features

These handheld vapes offer multi-functional and dual-purpose options and can often be used for both flowers and concentrates. However, some portable vapes do specialize and are designed for only dry herb use. With the increasing quality and demand for concentrates, it is always a good option to look for a dual purpose vaporizer.

What’s under the hood of a portable vaporizers

Major components of vaporizers are listed below:

Battery: Generally all vaporizers utilize lithium-ion batteries as a power source. These modern batteries are small and compact enough to be portable, and yet are able provide sufficient power to elevate temperatures up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond this point, combustion is achieved so vaporizers are set between 200F and 430F.

Tank: Often referred to as either a cartridge or oven. This component is often interchangeable for either concentrates or herbal material.

Sensors: Portable vaporizers have a varying amount of technology that is installed in the handheld devices. The main function of the sensors is to communicate digitally with the atomizer so that you can regulate the temperature. Different brands of portable vaporizers use differing degrees of technology including smart paths for temperature control, stealth modes, mobile app technology, etc .

Atomizer: Atomizers pull the power required from the lithium battery and it is the sensor’s responsibility to control the temperature. Atomizers are either designed using conductive, convective, or hybrid heat technology.

Mouthpiece: Mouthpieces are fashioned from ceramics, glass and even metals. Airflow is directed through the tank and then through the mouthpiece where it is inhaled. Some mouthpieces are also interchangeable and also detachable from the vaporizer to make for easy cleaning. The size, shape and material used for the mouthpiece is different for each brand and unit. 

How do portable vaporizers work

The basic concept of vaporizers is generally the same for desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers and even vape pens. They technically elevate the heat in a controlled oven to volatilize the material which may be either herbs, oils or waxes. This heat is controlled by the sensors and once it has reached the selected temperature, the material you have inserted into the oven will begin vaporizing. Usually, a sensor notifies you when the required temperature is reached through LED lights and then you are ready to inhale the vapor.

The improved heating methodologies, increased portability, and longer battery life make portable vaporizers very popular devices for people on the move today.  The advances of the lithium battery technologies also allow for increased usage without recharging continuously.

Portable vaporizers allow for the personal freedom to enjoy a session anywhere, and at any given time.

Top Portable Vaporizers

The Davinci IQ, is currently one of the top selling vaporizers available. It dominates the market with its modern design, quality build and features a variety of technologies that can be used to customize your vaporizer experience.

The Atmos Vicod 5G is one of the most stealthy and compact vaporizers on the market. Since it’s initial launch, it has reduced its’ size by almost half of its’ length, while steadily improving upon the features and functionality that users loved so much.

Whether it’s for newbies or experienced vaping enthusiasts, the Pulsar APX Vape is a trendy and cost-effective vape that is suitable for dry herb vaping. The APX looks great; it’s easy on the pocket and is designed for the stealth conscious vape consumer. In fact, it can easily pass for a lighter since it is so small.

The portable weed vaporizer market has advanced to such a degree that there is no reason you cannot find a suitable vaporizer that both catches your eye and meets your vaping demands. The variety and choices for portable vaporizers are immense and it is truly up to you and your budget.