Teens Use E-Cigarettes to ‘Vape’ Pot

Teens Use E-Cigarettes to ‘Vape’ Pot

Smoking E-Cigarettes is common among teens these days. But, if you aren’t aware of the term yet, you may wonder what E-Cigarettes (Electronic cigarettes) do anyway? E-Cigarettes, or vaporizers, are used with a wide variety of liquids which contain oil that have active ingredients of nicotine. Electric cigarettes heat up the oil inside it to create a vapor that can be inhaled. The use of e-Cigarettes have been considered saferas comparedto letting your lungs burn or inhale any kind of Nicotine substance or THC directly. You must have heard that it’s better to vape nicotine than smoking it.

Since the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, teens have been known to use them to vape marijuana, also known as ‘pot’. Though vaping liquid nicotine is considered safer than traditional cigarettes, vaping cannabis oil or hash is known to release higher level of THC than smoking dried leaves.Fortunately, studies show that teenagers nowadays smoke a lot less tobacco than before. Detailed researches have concluded that Marijuana use was increased overall by 1 percent, with nearly a quarter saying that they have vaped, inhaled, or consumed Marijuana in the previous years. The results also showed that the use of cocaine, heroin and other addictive drugs continue to decline overall to the lowest levels.

Why are E-Cigarettes so useful for traditional cigarette smokers?

E-Cigarettes are rapidly becoming a welcome substitute to smoke tobacco or cigars. If you are craving for traditional tobacco cigarettes but find it harmful and want to try something different, an E-Cigarette offers many benefits. There are few advantages of vaporizers:

  • As we know smoking tobacco is illegal in a public place all over the world and smokers struggles a lot with this situation. While vaping rules vary by city, they are less restrictive than smoking tobacco.
  • Also, smoking cigarettes reduces your smell of sense and it happens so slowly that you don’t even realize the change. On the other-hand, vaping helps you to find your sense of smell returning.
  • Vaping is far less expensive than smoking cigarettes since vaping devices include both chargeable and rechargeable devices. The rechargeable devices can be used for a prolonged time.
  • One of the most annoying part of smoking dry marijuana is its odour. You can always recognize a marijuana-user by the smell of his clothes, hair, and hands. In fact, you’ll be able to smellthe odourof dry marijuana all over the house even after a few hours of its actual usage. On the other-hand, vaping is an odour-free action. Until anybody sees you using a vaping device, nobody will suspect that you are using one.
  • The biggest difference between vaping and smoking is the presence of tobacco smoke. It’s the smoke which affects your lungs and decreases the blood circulation in your body. If you stop smoking and started vaping instead, you’ll see your breathing problems be resolved gradually.

Getting your hand on one of these E-Cigarettes is very convenient. There are several genuine and cost-effective devices than can be purchased online via companies like Herbalize Store US or Herbalize Store CA.

What are the Benefits of vaping Marijuana, instead of smoking it?

Though consumption of any form of tobacco or marijuana is extremely unhealthy and not at all advocated for, teens who are using e-cigarettes to ‘vape’ pot are still a lot less likely to suffer major health ailments as compared to the traditional users. Here is why:

  • Vaping Marijuana provides you several advantages over the outmoded smoking method. Marijuana vapor delivers you greater comparative strength.
  • The rising popularity of using vape pen for weed are in trend because smoking of weed is less likely to cause lung cancer than smoking cigarettes and the benefits of vaporizing marijuana than smoking tobacco is pretty hard to ignore.
  • Inhaling anything can have some impact on your lungs, and as vaporizing allows you to absorb 95% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the cannabis just after few seconds of inhaling, hence there won’t be a need to consume as many puffs as you’re vaping cigarettes.
  • The users of cannabis experienced many respiratory problems but vaporizing weed not only prevents the damage made, it also undoes the damage caused by nicotine substances and improves your lungs health.
  • Vaping Marijuana improves many health conditions like nausea, stress, anxiety etc. Many individuals use Marijuana to cure chronic pain as well. Vaping is the quickest way to relief pain which is particularly great for those who need instant pain relief and have been prescribed ‘medical marijuana’.

The American Medical Association found that marijuana has the ability to cure health conditions from chronic pain and muscle stiffness. Medical marijuana cannot cause deadly overdoses. For legalization supporters, getting the federal government to recognize marijuana’s medical value could be momentous to all.