The Importance Of Proper Cannabis Storage

The Importance Of Proper Cannabis Storage

You just bought a superior quality weed but due to lack of proper storage, you end up with a dry, brittle or moldy weed. You don’t want this to happen to your precious weed right? It’s such a waste!

Well, apart from buying quality weed it is also necessary to have a proper storage for them. This is because when cannabis dries out a large part of its potency and flavor gets lost. When you fail the appropriate storage requirements the quality of the cannabis can get affected. It will no longer have its taste, smell and impact.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the ways that can help you to retain all the benefits of the cannabis and have a great vaping experience.

The enemies to your cannabis

Yes, cannabis is a natural product but it’s also the natural forces of the environment that you need to protect your cannabis from.

The following are the environmental factors that can ruin your perfect weed:

  • Air: Keeping the cannabis in an airtight container is essential. Both abundance of air and the presence of air in a small volume can promote degradation of the weed.
  • Humidity: Humidity acts as a spoilsport for a lot of stuff, so weed is also no stranger from the negative effects of humidity. Humidity control is especially important to prevent the toxicity of weed. It is said that the right humidity level in which the weed must be stored ranges from 59% to 63%. Storing it in the optimum humid condition will save the weed from mildew and polluting substances.
  • Light: UV light is the harmful rays of the sun which is responsible for early aging and wrinkles in humans. Turns out these sun rays are not good for the cannabis too. Sunlight is the most potent natural factor that can cause deterioration of the weed. So, to protect the weed you must keep it where sunlight doesn’t reach that much.
  • Temperature: It is a great idea to store the weed in cold conditions. Too much high temperature is not good for it. To avoid molds, mildew, and mustiness, do not store the weed in the temperature range of 77 to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

Some rules for proper storage of Cannabis

Use glass jar

To protect your weed from the environmental damage the best way to store them is in glass containers. Avoid plastic ones because they can take away the moisture from the weed buds. So glass jars with an airtight setting are the best way to preserve the weed in an inexpensive way. After putting them in the glass jar you should keep them in a dark and cold place like the cupboard. Another thing which you can do is buying blacked out airtight glass jars which can stop the ultraviolet exposure to the weeds.

Opt for a cannabis humidor

If you want to store your cannabis for a long time but still want to retain its freshness, in that case, it will serve you well to look for a good humidor. A good humidor made for maintaining the cannabis freshness can control the humidity in the glass jar. These are also capable of protecting the herb from air and light. Thus, investing in a good humidor is a good idea for the weed.

Get some humidity packs

Those who are looking for preserving their weeds for months together they should get some humidity packs. These humidity packs come in a wide range of humidity levels. The 58% humidity level of the packs is the optimum humidity required for healthy cannabis, whereas dried-out cannabis will require a greater amount of humidity to revive it. The 58% humidity level packs are also good for arresting mold growth.

Travel-friendly cannabis storage

When you need to take the cannabis in your travels, you should go for travel cases. The travel cases are like stylish wallets. With these travel cases, you need not worry about the weed smell as these trendy cases are smell proof. So whenever you want to take your stash in public places, you can carry your beloved weed with discretion. A travel case will also give you the space to carry your smoke gadgets.