Time-tested advice for first-time marijuana smokers

Time-tested advice for first-time marijuana smokers

Smoking weed for the first time can result in an incredible experience. Smokers of marijuana are thrust into an eccentric reality where everything from listening to music to eating is elevated above its usual resonance. Therefore, it is crucial that stoners know what they are throwing themselves into and how to utilize the experience to the maximum.

In the same manner that an amazing first experience can instantly recruit advocates and activists, a lousy one can certainly put off apprehensive smokers from realizing the advantages of this potent plant. Here are some tips first-time marijuana smokers should consider, to help make their experience enjoyable and relaxing. 

The easiest way to smoke

The beauty of marijuana lies in the way you consume it. For first-time stoners, there are variables to consider. Joints, which quite look like cigarettes, are trendy for social situations since they hold enough weed for several smokers to partake. Puffing on cannabis joint is a relatively practical smoking method for first-timers; but be careful, not to overdo it as the weed continues to be passed between friends.

Smoking out of a bowl or glass pipe is another option. Learning how to use this method is not difficult so to say; however, there is a technique to taking a calculated hit without singeing your eyebrows off or getting a mouthful of burnt flower.

For those first-timers who wish to avoid toxins while smoking weed, vaporizers are an ideal alternative. With that said, there are no set standards for dictating the best method for beginners. However, joints and vapes are possibly the easiest methods.

How much marijuana do I need?

Beginners will are expected to start with a gram for their very first session. Actually, this allows smokers to roll a number of smaller joints if they so wish. Actually, a gram is reasonable enough to see first-timers through several sessions. When you get to know your tolerance, you can then purchase in large quantities to save money.

Where to smoke

The surroundings play a vital role in facilitating a great first-time smoking experience. Marijuana is a social substance, hence is well enjoyed by acquaintances. When smoked alone, marijuana can prompt meditative, intense experiences, but when enjoyed with colleagues it encourages more jocular effects.  

Additionally, it is vital to find an environment where you feel safe and relaxed, avoiding factors which might encourage possible paranoia.

How long will it last

It is good for beginners to understand that, after one session of smoking, the effects of marijuana will only last a few hours. This obviously changes if you smoke continuously for a number of hours. Unlike marijuana edibles, smoking creates instant effects that fade out quickly, whereas concentrates also work instantaneously but have longer-lasting effects.

Reducing effects of weed

Time is the only proper detox for weed; however, there are anecdotal substances for minimizing the effects. First, have enough to eat and ensure you hydrate frequently.

Another approach is to practice deep breathing or if possible, to meditate. Anxiety reinforces itself; therefore, it is good to meddle with the cycle by acknowledging your situation, while trying to be relaxed about it. If you can relax enough to get some sleep, that would be an ideal way to sober up. 

Have some entertainment lined up

Never underrate the ability of cannabis to make your favorite movie or album even better; hence, have a few movies or a playlist in place. The type of entertainment you prefer after stoning completely depends on your surroundings and personal tastes. Music can be a perfect accompaniment to socializing with friends or working on a creative assignment, whereas movies and TV programs are appropriate for relaxing nighttime highs.

What to eat

Your very first time smoking weed is just not complete without some food. Again, it is all about preferences, although snacks are very appealing for many stoners. Furthermore, cooking while stoned can be tricky, so snacks are left as the only alternative.


Reflecting on the past marijuana use, smokers will bear out how influential the experience was, especially how it affected their future use of the potent plant. As you commence the cannabis smoking journey, understand what you are getting yourself into, and be cautious of your limits. Your marijuana smoking experience will be significantly dictated by your decisions; therefore, get out there and be adventurous.