Top 5 Marijuana Strains with the Best Yields

Top 5 Marijuana Strains with the Best Yields

If you are going to invest in growing marijuana, then there is the need to consider the yield that you can get at the end. It is not just about growing, but also what you get in return. Keep in mind that it is like an investment. You have a great resource of seeds at This means that you have to find the cannabis strains that also offer some good yields all the time.

So, what are some of the options when it comes to having the best yields? Well, we get to help you out to pick the best marijuana strains with good yields below.

  • Super Skank

The first one we get to look at is Super Skunk. This is a compact marijuana strain that is able to achieve some impressive high yields all the time. You are always going to have a good time when it comes to getting one for yourself. The best part is that the strain also has a sweet and citrusy flavor. This makes it even better for most users.

Whenever you get to smoke it, you can expect it to deliver on a strong buzz. This is then combined with a clarity feeling. For most users, they find it being able to deliver on the best highs.

  • Chocolope

This is another good option for you to consider getting right now. It is a sativa-dominant strain at 90%. It is going to deliver also on impressive highs that users want. This is because it comes with a THC level of 19%. As a result, it is able to work great for most users.

So, how about the flavor? You are going to find it being good in terms of having an earthy, coffee, and wood flavor. As a result, it is going to give you the best cerebral high. Another good thing about using it is that it can lead to creativity stimulation. You should find it being good for you to use as from today.

  • Super Silver Haze

Just like other Haze strains, you get it being quite a tall plant. It is not just about being tall, but rather also deliver on high yields generally. You should definitely end up enjoying it as compared to the others on the market.

Another thing is that the buds are known for being sticky. The same thing goes for the high which delivers on better strength and clarity. The high also does not wear off that quickly at all. As a result, it is going to be great for those who need to have a better quality marijuana strain.

It is best grown indoors where it can deliver on the best yields all the time. It is also good in terms of the taste. This is because it is able to deliver on a sweet, fruity, and pungent flavor.

  • Amnesia Haze

This is definitely another good option when looking for a top yielding plant. It does grow to a medium size and still offers a high yield. Since it is 80% sativa, you get that it is going to be great for those who need a bit of energy when they are bored or having a mental block.

Another good thing about the strain is that it is relatively easy to grow. Even the beginners can have an easy time growing it on their own. It does grow faster as compared to the others on the market as within 64 days it will be ready to flower.

Since it is also potent, it will hit you in just fifteen minutes. Well, it wears off quickly and thus should be great for many recreational smokers generally.

  • Strawberry Kush

The strain is quite popular among the indoor growers. This is because it does come with some massive yield as compared to the overall size of the plant. It’s similar to Gelato Cannabis Seeds. Since it is not a tall plant, it is going to grow great indoors. It will also remain compact with some high yields generally. You can say it is a good utilization of space.

This is an indica-dominant strain with the impressive THC levels of 17 to 19%. You will end up loving it thanks to the short flowering period of just 55 days. Since the high is also good, it should be more reason you have many people opting for it right now.