What you should know about CBD water

What you should know about CBD water

CBD water is basically, water infused with CBD. Although the rationale behind CBD water may seem straightforward, the way it works is pretty interesting. CBD compounds are normally broken down into nano-particles and uniformly distributed in the water, successfully homogenizing the mixture. The end result is water with a good bio-available source of CBD which is able to penetrate tissues in the blood system and digestive tract much more effectively.

Mostly, medical CBD is taken through edibles. However, in this process, a big amount of CBD can get lost along the way due to poor bioavailability. In the case of CBD water, since the CBD particles have been turned into nanoparticles, the compounds are retained and utilized optimally.

Benefits of CBD water

Research conducted by scientists on the topic of CBD and its effects on our bodies is certainly encouraging. When it comes to CBD water, it offers immediate bio-availability to help cells in the body, including your nerve cells, red blood cells, and heart. In addition, it’s incredible antioxidant abilities means your immune system also gets a boost. The obvious benefits include reduced muscle pain and faster recovery time, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Basically, with ease and comfort, CBD water is known to put your body into a general sense of calm and relaxation.

Which is better, CBD oil or CBD water?

Currently, CBD oil and CBD vape e liquid remains the most preferred method of taking CBD; however, is CBD water in a position to catch-up? Both products have their positives and drawbacks. For instance, CBD water is ideal in the following ways:

  • Taste – CBD water is known to have more revitalizing taste than CBD oil. Frankly speaking, pure CBD oil tastes quite bitter, unless additional flavors are infused.
  • Bio-availability – Here, CBD water beats CBD oil hands down. Although a considerable percentage of CBD oil reaches your body system, practically, 100% of CBD infused in water is utilized by the body.
  • Speed – You can expect CBD water to work quite faster when compared to its oil counterpart. This is important if you particularly need a quick-fix for your pain.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should stop using CBD oil. Here are benefits of using CBD oil over CBD water:

  • Cost – While CBD water is more reliable in terms of bio-availability, it is relatively expensive than CBD oil.
  • Safety – There are several concerns about the technology used to process CBD water (nanotechnology). Sometimes, the testing standards in regards to purity and potency of CBD water largely depend on the manufacturer. And, as you might be aware; some manufacturers cannot be fully trusted.
  • Full spectrum – CBD water only contains CBD; however, CBD oil normally contains other additional terpenes and cannabinoids. Going by this argument, CBD oil can be more nourishing than CBD water.

Where can I get CBD Water?

CBD is legal in almost all states; therefore, accessing your favorite brand of CBD water is not that difficult. Many medical marijuana clinics (dispensaries) have stocked CBD water. Alternatively, you can also get it in various health conscious retail stores around you.

Different CBD Waters on the market?

Although CBD water is a fairly newer product in the medical marijuana industry, there are already various trustworthy companies manufacturing CBD water products. Most popular CBD water brands include CBD Naturals, Kind Water, and CBD Living Water. 

All these companies use a proprietary homogenization process which processes CBD into nanoparticles, which then, are incorporated into your drinking water.

Final Thoughts on CBD Water

CBD water is a potentially interesting product as it allows you to consume CBD with a guarantee that it will reach your blood system in its entire form. Additionally, it is an appealing alternative to CBD oil especially if you care much about. And obviously, besides its therapeutic benefits in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions, taking CBD water is also very refreshing!

However, remember, when in the market to purchase CBD water, be aware of unscrupulous brands. You do not wish to consume a substandard product simply in the name of CBD water, do you?