Exploring various CBD wholesale products

Exploring various CBD wholesale products

Buying CBD wholesale is the best way of keeping costs to a minimum when you’re starting up a company. When setting up your CBD business, you need to keep in mind your target audience, what kind of products you want to sell, and what they’re likely to find most appealing. With hemp-based CBD products, you’re spoiled for choice – but that choice can be a little daunting at first. Here’s a very brief introduction to some of the most popular product types. 

CBD oils 

Tincture oils are a fairly fast-acting type of CBD product, and are normally taken under the tongue, a form of sublingual absorption. Oils are versatile, and can be used as a food ingredient, and also as a topicals. CBD tinctures are the healthiest products for getting CBD quickly into the bloodstream. 

CBD flower

Hemp nugs or CBD buds are just like cannabis flower, except you won’t get high from it. Flower also has a range of uses, although most choose to smoke it, or vape it in a dry herb vaporizer, as inhalation fast tracks the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. It’s also possible to take a CBD extract directly from the flower, and add it to homemade edibles, creams, capsules and more. Just like weed, CBD flower comes with a massive choice of strains.

CBD e-liquids

Vaping is safer than smoking, although not completely risk-free. Therefore, CBD e-liquids represent a healthier way to enjoy the rapid effects of inhalation than smoking flower. E-liquids generally contain a CBD-isolate or full-spectrum hemp extract, diluted in propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or both. 

CBD vape pens 

Vape pens come with the e-liquid ready to vape, often in a device that works by draw-activated firing, where you can inhale the vapor without needing to even press a button. Lots of CBD brands are making pre-filled disposable pens and cartridges, which are brilliant for on-the-go use, and for any user who’s happy to pay a little extra so they don’t need to maintain a vaping device. 

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are, of course, really tasty, but they also have advantages that most other CBD products just don’t offer. The CBD in edibles doesn’t start reaching the bloodstream for at least 20 to 30 minutes, as it is absorbed through the stomach. This may sound like a negative, but the big positive is edibles can last all day, as opposed to e-liquids and oils which wear off after around three hours. 

CBD concentrates

Wax, crumble, shatter and crystals are all types of CBD concentrates, which are highly potent and are sometimes made up almost totally of pure CBD. The most potent concentrates consist of CBD-isolate extracts, although some waxes and crumbles are full-spectrum. Concentrates are suitable for vaporizing and oral consumption. 

CBD creams

That’s right, CBD works on the skin, too. The majority of CBD’s benefits come from its actions on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and the skin contains receptors from this system. CBD creams, balms, gels, lotions and salves usually have other natural ingredients, too, such as essential oils, and are popular for pain relief, anti-inflammatory purposes, and even for anti-aging effects.