Top Mistakes to Avoid When Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds is a relatively easy and quick process. However, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps in order to yield as high a germination rate as you possibly can. The seeds also need to germinate as fast as possible because you want to avoids problems to do with fungi infections, or worse, low germination rate.

In this article, we will take a close look at the main mistakes most people make during this process. Some are simple errors that you can easily resolve so not to worry. These mistakes are where most growers go wrong and fail to make the germination process.

Don’t let the germination medium dry out

When germinating cannabis seeds, it is necessary that you place them on a moist medium. The moisture starts the germination process that could be hours or days after. Whichever moist medium you choose to use, you should not let it dry out.

Check your seeds every day or regularly to ensure that it’s still moist. This is more so if you use a heat source to achieve the higher temperatures required for better germination. The heat will definitely cause your medium to dry out a lot faster. Keep that in mind to avoid having problems when your seeds dry out and fail to germinate.

Don’t leave your seeds to germinate for too long

This is one of the most common mistakes most people make when germinating cannabis seeds. If you are germinating your seeds on a moist kitchen paper, do not let them germinate to the point of cotyledons appearing. When this happens you see, subsequent transplant becomes very difficult.

It is highly likely that you will damage the roots in the process. Apart from that, the longer your roots are exposed to light and air, the more damage will happen. Its best that you transplant it before this happens.

Don’t germinate directly into soil

This mistake will result to a non-germination. If you plant the seed directly into the soil, it might be too deep inside, especially when you start to irrigate post sowing. For better results, you need to germinate your seeds on a kitchen paper or jiffy pellets then transplant them once the seedlings are born.

Don’t forget the temperature and humidity

Feminized cannabis seeds usually germinate well in high temperatures and humidity. It might be necessary for you to use some form of heat to get the temperatures high enough, especially during colder months. The ideal temperature is between 26 and 28 degrees, and the ideal humidity is at 70 percent. Anything lower than that will result to a failed germination, and any higher than that, and you will experience fungal or rotting issues.

Don’t plant the seeds incorrectly

Cannabis seeds are usually oval shaped with a crater at one end, usually known as a crown. When planting your cannabis seeds, the crown needs to face upwards at all times. Plant your seeds with the tips down and the crowns up. The crown usually acts as the hinge and when the seed shoots, it opens at the tip to let out its root. If you plant the seeds incorrectly, your seedlings will grow downwards and the roots upward, which will not work.

Don’t plant at the incorrect depth

Some people plant their seeds too deep into the soil and chances are, the seedlings never emerge. On the other hand, if you plant your seeds too close to the surface, it will probably germinate well, but the stem could be weak. If it is weak, it will bend, and the plant will not develop as it should. Sow your seeds about 2 cm deep.

Apart from all these, try not to plant your seeds too close together. They will have to compete for the space and have restricted root growth, which will affect the whole plant.