5 Common Mistakes Every Cannabis Business Must Avoid

5 Common Mistakes Every Cannabis Business Must Avoid

The fact that the legal marijuana industry is not yet established enough to find examples of long-term success does not mean that there are no guidelines to follow or mistakes to avoid. The following list provides you with a few errors that can cause your CBD business a lot of damage if you fall into them.

To avoid these and other common mistakes, the best advise for you is to educate yourself in the workings of the cannabis industry before starting a business. While there are many online tutorials and books you can obtain, the easiest and most effective option is enrolling in a specialized course covering everything you need to know about legal marijuana. Learn Sativa University offers quality education for anyone looking to get an early start in this growing industry, with both in-class and online courses covering everything from the legal aspects of cannabis to the best management practices for CBD businesses.

Whether or not you decide to take a course before starting your business, you must always try to avoid the following common mistakes:

Failing to Comply with Laws and Regulations

We have all heard of the most recent developments regarding the legalization of CBD across the United States, including the implementation of the United States Farm Bill. However, this does not mean that all cannabis products are now legal to be manufactured and sold. CBD business owners must look at the small letters and take into consideration not only federal but state law and local regulations.

In the United States, several counties and cities have adopted legislation banning the establishment of cannabis dispensaries within their limits. Before you plan to open your CBD business, make sure that you will not incur in any violation and be subject to hefty fines.

Not Having a Professional Website

Once you are sure that you are on the right side of the law and your business complies with all the relevant regulations, it is time to think about the way you will engage with customers and promote your products. While social media is certainly an important marketing tool, you must consider that the ongoing dispute on the legality of CBD companies still causes many profiles to be shut and pages to be taken down.

Having a properly set website with a unique domain name and a user-friendly interface will not only attract customers, but it will also serve as the most stable bridge you will have with them. In your website, make sure to include a catalog of products, a “FAQ” section and a space for reviews where previous customers can write about their experience with your company.

Failing to Understand the Importance of SEO

While having a website is the first step in your online presence, SEO -or Search Engine Optimization- will be the main factor influencing your position and number of visits. Having an SEO-friendly website means creating quality content, adding relevant keywords to each post, having inbound links and engaging with users.

If you are not sure of how to create an SEO friendly website, make sure to leave this task to an expert. A professional web designer will not only have experience in creating a nice interface with pages and menus but will also understand the SEO work that needs to be done for the site to appear higher in the results of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Not Engaging Actively With your Customers

We will not say that what you sale is not an important part of your cannabis business. In fact, without quality products not many people will be willing to spend their money on your company. However, giving your customers an excellent experience is what will make your business grow and succeed.

To engage in a meaningful rapport with your buyers, make sure to always respond to comments on time. Nothing is more annoying than sending a message to a company and receiving a response weeks later. If someone shows interest in purchasing one of your products, make sure to be friendly and available, answering any questions that might arise. If you receive any negative comment, try your best to solve the situation and avoid engaging in discussions.

Failing to Understand the Basics of Cannabis and the CBD Industry

It is not necessary for you to be an expert in strains and cannabinoids, but for your business to be successful, you must be ready to answer common questions and understand the workings of the legal cannabis business. If you are looking for a complete education tailed to the needs of future CBD business owners, make sure to check out Learn Sativa University’s website. The curricula of this Orlando-based institution include everything from the legal and scientific aspects of marijuana to the best business management practices of the industry.