Cannabis May Relieve Common Cold Symptoms

Cannabis May Relieve Common Cold Symptoms

People have been using herbal extracts to cure specific ailments since time immemorial. The Chinese medicine system, for instance, is well-known for its emphasis on herbs and natural extracts in treating illnesses. Cannabis has a rich history behind it, and recently, science has begun to uncover many of its benefits on the human body. Besides being a psychologic reliever, it may actually treat your body as well.

The many types of cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant have various effects on your body. Many of these compounds have tremendous therapeutic potential when used correctly and in the right doses.

The common cold is highly contagious and infectious. Breathe in infected air, touch your face with unwashed hands, and you’ll get a viral infection.

Here’s how it manifests:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Earache

If the infection becomes worse, the symptoms might become more severe as well – chest infection, ear infection, sinusitis, and strep throat. Fortunately, in 9/10 cases, the common cold comes and goes without leaving disaster in its wake.

Are there any risk factors?

Like any other viral infection, the common cold can manipulate risk factors and make you sick faster and unexpectedly. People in risk categories are young people or older adults, smokers, and people with compromised immune systems. Not getting enough sleep at night or being an insomniac, for instance, will negatively impact your immune system. In this sense, studies have shown that CBD and THC help you fall asleep faster by reducing your anxiety.

How can cannabis reduce flu symptoms?

There are many ways to reduce the common cold’s impact on your body, such as medicine, painkillers, and decongestants. However, there’s another, more organic and natural method, and that is an herbal extract. This is where cannabis comes into play. As we’ve said earlier, this plant has fulfilled a healing role for thousands of years, being used in treating many sicknesses of the body. This isn’t just hearsay or ancient folklore, though.

Today, scientists have uncovered many benefits of cannabinoids we ingest. Despite this, no one has studied the actual effects of cannabis on the common cold, whether it cures or treats it. However, what makes us convinced of its curative properties are the therapeutic effects it has demonstrated in the past.

cannabis for flu symptomsOne the one hand, cannabis can tackle inflammation and reduce it effectively. As you might know, inflammation is the crucial pillar of a common cold. Your immune system creates an inflammation to allow your body to fight the foreign pathogen, but you feel sick and ill during this time. The cannabis plant has various chemicals in its genetic make-up that have anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, numerous studies have been made on this.

Apparently, CBD and THC affect the body’s production of cytokines. These molecules are essential in the workings of the immune system, both in mice and in humans. They control the inflammatory responses of the body. Well, both CBD and THC inhibit the body’s production of cytokines, thus making inflammations less likely, even in cases of common cold infections.

Another way cannabis can help common cold symptoms is by tackling pain. A couple of studies have found that CBD and THC lead to a reduction of neuropathic pain in mice. Indeed, no reviews have been done on humans, for obvious reasons, but now that cannabis has started to become accessible, things will change. Scientific studies are underway, and we will eventually know how cannabis affects the human body, in precise terms.

Smoking or eating cannabis

Initially, we’ve said that smokers are at risk of falling ill and becoming infected because their immune system is weak. That is the truth, whether we refer to ordinary cigarettes or cannabis. Smoking either one lets carcinogenic compounds into your body and breathing in smoke isn’t a good idea, especially if you have pre-existent respiratory illnesses.

However, the good news is that cannabis can be consumed in other, healthier ways. For instance, you can brew tea from it. Not only will it be more beneficial to consume, but the effects of the cannabis will be more potent compared to smoking it. Alternatively, you can buy cannabis edibles to eat. The effects will take longer to kick in, but they’re also more substantial.

Cannabis topicals can help you relieve muscle pains or fatigue. Apply them on your skin, and you’ll start noticing the effects shortly. If you’re passionate about smoking cannabis, though, vaping is a healthier and more beneficial option. The burning process is less destructive so that the cannabinoids and the terpenes retain all their therapeutic benefits.

Try brewing a cannabis tea next time when you’ve caught a cold and see what happens!