A Quick & Easy Guide to Gravity Bongs

A Quick & Easy Guide to Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs may sound pretty old school, but you should try these at least once. Who knows? You might take a liking to them!

You might be asking why you should try them when you have your friendly bong or pipe.

The Why

Not only is it an enjoyable way to consume weed, but it can also be a fun DIY project for yourself or with your friends. It can also let you save up on cannabis while still getting you pretty high pretty fast. With these, you can take a huge hit all at once, and just a few hits will take you sky high.

So what exactly are gravity bongs?

The What

There are two kinds of gravity bongs: waterfall and bucket.

Waterfall bongs let you get high with gravity (duh!) and a big plastic bottle, so don’t worry about it getting too complicated.

The bottom is just a bottle that has an opening at its lowest point. The top part, on the other hand, has a mouthpiece and a bowl piece. You plug the hole using a finger or other objects like duct tape, as long as the hole is completely stoppered. Fill the bottle with water when you want to smoke. Pack your weed into the bowl piece on the cap, then put it on the bottle.

Don’t forget about the container for catching the water, because this could get wet! You can also do this above a sink to make things easier.

Spark the lighter above the bowl, then unplug the hole. Keep distance between the plastic bottle and the flame, or else you’ll be tasting plastic. When you remove the plug, the water will be pulled out by gravity, like (yes, you guessed it) a waterfall. You can put the flame out when the weed is cherrying.

The bottle will automatically fill with smoke as the water gushes out. You won’t exert too much effort on trying to get all the smoke you can from the packed bowl, for which your lungs will thank you. All you have to do is remove the cap and clear the waterfall bong of smoke, and you’ll be hitting the stratosphere in no time.


Don’t leave the smoke there for too long, or else it will taste too harsh and stale to your liking.

Unlike the waterfall bong, bucket bongs need TWO bottles. You need the top half of a small plastic bottle and the bottom half of a larger plastic bottle.

You fill the bottom half with water, but not too high lest it’ll overflow. The top half is similar to the waterfall bong, with a mouthpiece and a bowl piece. Don’t forget to fill the bowl with weed.

Don’t put the cap on just yet! When you submerge the upper half, uncap it, or else you’ll have ground weed everywhere, which is a waste. You can cap it once the top half is in the water already.

This type of bong doesn’t take much advantage of gravity, despite it being considered a gravity bong. It makes use of increasing pressure when you force the top part into the water-filled bottom half. When you light the bowl up, the smoke will get sucked into the top part when you jerk it up. The name “pressure bong” doesn’t sound as awesome as gravity bong, though!

The final step is pretty easy. Just suck up the smoke and get baked!

The How

waterfall bong

You’ll need the following to make a waterfall bong:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • A big plastic bottle

Once you’ve got all the materials, all you need to do is:

  1. Using the scissors or box cutter, make a hole in the cap.
  2. Form a bowl using the foil. Poke small holes in the bottom for the smoke to travel through.
  3. Attach the bowl to the top of the cap.
  4. Make a hole at the bottle’s bottom. Don’t make it too big, so you won’t have a hard time plugging it.

Easy, right?

bucket bong

If you prefer bucket bongs, all you need is:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • One smaller bottle
  • One larger bottle

To make one, you have to:

  1. Using the scissors or box cutter, make a hole in the cap.
  2. Form a bowl using the foil. Poke small holes in the bottom for the smoke to travel through.
  3. Attach the bowl to the top of the cap.
  4. Cut the bottom off the smaller bottle. The amount of smoke it can hold will be proportional to its size.
  5. Cut the larger bottle in two. You don’t need the top half so you can throw it away. The bottom half will look like a bucket. Make sure it’s deep enough for you to be able to put the smaller bottle inside neck deep without it meeting the lowest point.

One Last Hit

Easy to make and fun to smoke with, this classic type of bong will have you flying at formidable heights, especially if you don’t have papers or pipe at hand.

They’re fine once in a while, but the cut up bottles shouldn’t be re-used. You can look for glass versions if you like this particular style.