Supercritical CO2 Extraction: The Cleanest Method for CBD Products

Supercritical CO2 Extraction: The Cleanest Method for CBD Products

Whether you are a regular CBD consumer or are looking for the best cannabidiol product to treat anxiety, stress or chronic pain, you might already be familiar with the concept of “extraction methods”. This refers to the way in which the cannabidiol and terpenes present in the hemp plant are isolated to produce sublingual tinctures and other CBD products.

There are many different extraction methods used by cannabidiol companies. Some of them –such as alcohol-based extraction- are cheap and can produce large yields. However, these inferior methods can damage the natural components of hemp and reduce the effectiveness of the final product.

Supercritical CO2: A Clean and Effective Extraction Method

The highest quality CBD products are extracted using premium methods such as the supercritical CO2 technique. Carbon dioxide is able to separate the constituents of hemp without damaging them, resulting in a clean and effective extract.

Perhaps the main reason for CBD companies to opt for lower quality techniques is the fact that CO2 extraction systems require a large initial investment in specialized machinery. Once installed, however, CO2 machines are able to produce maximum yields in a minimum amount of time and with very little energy consumption. In the long run, this extraction technique is the best for large producers.

CO2 extraction methods have been used for years in the food and herbal industry. It is also the preferred technique to remove caffeine from coffee beans for the manufacturing of decaffeinated coffee. If you have some essential oils at home, chances are they were extracted using carbon dioxide methods.

The effectiveness of CO2 methods in the extraction of hemp oil is so superior that this is the preferred method for scientists and researchers who study the chemical components of hemp. Alcohol-based extraction alters many of the natural components of the plant and therefore does not allow for an accurate evaluation or study.

How does CO2 Extraction Work?

The first step of any carbon dioxide extraction process begins with subjecting CO2 to extremely low temperatures in order to take it from a gaseous to a fluid substance. When heated and pressurized again, carbon dioxide becomes “supercritical” and exhibits characteristics of both a liquid and a gaseous substance. It is then that the raw hemp leaves and flowers are added, allowing their cannabinoids and terpenes to be dissolved and separated from the fibers.

An additional benefit of CO2 extraction methods comes from the natural anti-bacterial properties of this process. CBD pain relief products extracted using this technique are therefore cleaner and risk-free for consumers, having none of the secondary effects commonly associated with traditional pharmaceutical remedies.

If you are planning to buy a CBD tincture which is both safe, clean and effective, reading previous customer reviews and understanding the different extraction methods available is important. In the United States and most Western European countries, CO2 extraction methods are widely available to both small and large producers which offer their products both at online and physical retailers.