We offer a wide range of shops in our shop:

  • Smartshop,
  • Magictruffleshop,
  • Seedshop, Growshop,
  • Headshop,
  • Vaporizershop,
  • CBDshop,
  • IQ+shop and
  • Spacemileshop.

With 23 years of experience, Sirius offers the very best:

* Magic Truffles: Freshbox® 8 varieties

* Magic Mushroom Growkits: Magicbox® 3 and Stealthbox® 12 varieties

* A wide variety of psychoactive herbs and herbal hallucinogenic extracts

* Mescaline containing cacti

* 100% natural products that either improve your nightlife, fire up your sex-life (aphrodisiacs) or help study and work (cognitive enhancers / brain boosters)

* Cannabis Seeds: Royal Queen Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Greenhouse

   Seeds, Strain Hunters, Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics,

   Grow Your Own and Reserva Privada.

* Everyhting you need to grow your own

* Extraction systems

* A very extensive range of world’s most renown cannabis vaporizer

   brands, dab tools and accessories

* CBD products

* and much more great and good stuff…

You can order direct online at , or visit our world renown (we were one of the first smart shops in the world, established in 1995) stone shops in Maastricht and Roermond in The Netherlands, but if you are not in the neighbourhood of Maastricht or Roermond, you can also go to the best smart shops in the Netherlands which are our wholesale customers; you’ll find their addresses in our store locator in our webshop.



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